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Tony DiLeonardi

Author of Legacy Letters, Face to Face, and co-Author of The $14 Trillion Woman


Tony is an author, investor, friend, and most importantly a husband, dad, and brother. In addition to a successful career as an executive, Tony is also the author of Face to Face: Creating Lifelong & Multi-Generational Clients. He co-authored the book The $14 Trillion Woman: Your Essential Guide to the Female Client and is on the heals of his launch of his newest project Legacy Letters: Discovering the Three Principles to Personal Health, Wealth, and Wisdom.

Tony speaks regularly at meetings across North America and equips his audience with the skills and creative thinking needed for enhancing their overall business and personal life.


Legacy Letters: A Short Story of Transformation

Professional money manager, Jim Peters, a committed husband and father of three, is experiencing a critical crisis of confidence, and his typical optimism and resiliency is crumbling. He believes his family’s well-being and his dreams are in jeopardy as he is being pushed out of his job by unscrupulous competition and younger, tech-savvy workers.

On the brink of making costly decisions, Jim is sensing that he’s losing his grip on everything important to him, including his legacy. He is battered by the institutional influences over his life. Jim, however, is about to discover an old way of living that will create a new way of thinking and it will come from a most unusual place.

Through a series of recently discovered historic letters, Jim travels through time. Along his journey, he is given the gifts of perspective, new life, and a renewed spirit. He learns the time-tested secrets to create health, true wealth, and genuine wisdom, re-takes control of his life, and helps lead and transform the lives of his family, friends, colleagues, and community. Legacy Letters is a modern-day parable of one man’s choices and the acquired virtues that create a new life for him.

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In bookstores everywhere April 10, 2018. Order today 


More Praise for Legacy Letters

DiLeonardi: A New Master of the Genre

Legacy Letters is equal to the best of Og Mandino's work. If you liked "The Greatest Salesman In The World", you will love Legacy Letters. I have always been a fan of historical fiction and have no hesitation naming DiLeonardi an author to rank among a list of greats like Ken Follett and Bernard Cornwell. While the word count of this novel is significantly lower than the work of the aforementioned masters, Legacy Letters impact is greater due to the element of value able to be harnessed by a modern reader seeking to accomplish great things in today's world.

Andy Andrews

NY Times Best-selling Author/ Speaker

Renew and Lead...

Throughout my career as a Naval Officer, I have consistently sought out books that could direct my development as a leader and simply as a person. Throughout the years, I’ve read many Naval and civilian leadership books and Legacy Letters is right up with the best of them. Legacy Letters is a quick, impactful and empowering read which I recommend to my friends, and colleagues. It touches a nerve for self-empowerment and the renewal of long-standing principles that our nation needs to be reminded of. We all need to refresh and re-focus our goals in consideration of the legacy we want to leave. Legacy Letters helps guide and engage readers in that thought-process. This book will call you to live purposefully towards a life that is healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Jake Juriga

US Naval Officer


Self Reflection Guide!

With Legacy Letters, Tony leads the reader on an important journey of self reflection. Through Jim Peters, we are encouraged to take the steps to be fully present in our own lives, and to truly live our values and purpose. The discussion questions feature at the end of each chapter is a nice touch. And, Tony is his own best example, with proceeds benefiting Chicago Hope Academy, a truly transformative institution for all of the students who pass through its doors. Nice work Tony!

Brian Sir

CFO, Financial Services Industry/Private Equity


What a gem of a book...

So much so that I have already re-read it! The new MiniBuk format made it easy to hold, carry and reference material. I can see giving it as a gift as the messaging is so beautiful and concise, without having to trudge through 300 pages to obtain it.

Tony crafts a story, with profound messaging throughout, of a family struggling with direction and purpose. Upon finding letters by a founding father in their new home’s attic, conversations ensue between the couple as to how they can redirect their lives.Thus begins our lessons on how to serve one another, build discipline and develop wisdom. With such a creative structure to this book, it wasn’t difficult to form a strategy to put them into place. My takeaway was not to let government and external pressures dictate how I live my life, but rather assess my own “time, talents and treasures” and use them wisely. 

Thank you, Tony, for giving clarity as to what what really matters in this lifetime.  

Donna Rigert

Public Health Entrepreneur


Well written, easy to read...

I've known you as a fun-loving guy, now I know you as a deep, insightful story-teller with the courage to speak the truth.  Well done.

Hal Lexow

CIO, Adventist Health Systems (Retired)


Amazing! Truly a gift...

In an age where material things seem to outweigh the importance of meaningful virtues like family, values, and relationships, Legacy Letters asks the reader to question this modern, and often meaningless, way of living.   

By presenting questions at the end of each section the reader quickly begins to rethink their life.  Legacy Letters is the novel the nation needs now as we seek true meaning and direction. I highly recommend this book and believe if each family read and discussed the key principals, our world would be better off.

Kyle A. Sanders

Financial Consultant, Indianopolis, IN



In his latest book Legacy Letters, DiLeonardi writes an imaginative story dealing with issues many of us are facing today.  This book is full of lessons and wisdom that brings the reader to realize what’s important in life.  A great storyteller, he brings wisdom from the past into the present.  

Dr. Jim Juriga, DVM

Business owner, Investor, Retired NFL player



Legacy Letters makes a clear and compelling case for application of timeless, proven principles to solve present day challenges. An honest and unapologetic assessment of the status quo, viewed through the lens of Divine order and wisdom of our Founding Fathers, DiLeonardi presents the simple, yet powerful template of healthy, wealthy and wise to offer hope and a defined path forward. 

Paul Negris
North Region Manager
OxyChem, Division of Occidental Petroleum Corporation



We've all faced a crisis in our lives and many times had to make choices that ultimately define who we are. In his latest book, Legacy Letters, DiLeonardi uses historical fiction as a parable to cleverly illuminate a unique path to personal transformation.

Being intentional about choices that affect our own circumstances - when mapped to the principles of personal health, wealth and wisdom - provide a modern blueprint that can impact each of our legacies.

Scott A. Moore

Marketing Executive, Cybersecurity


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