New: Legacy Matters!

Welcome! What is Legacy Matters?

In short, Legacy Matters is a tool. It is our desire to get you thinking about legacy, and to encourage you to implement tactics and strategies to create your own legacy, whether personal or corporate brand. Legacy requires attention and effort. Left unchecked, your story may be left untold, or even worse, re-written by future generations.

In these brief writings, we will discover wonderful stories of legacy; some familiar, some unfamiliar, many with interesting twists. We will share ideas and solutions on creating a lasting, principled legacy for yourself and your organization. We will encourage you to answer the question, “What am I leaving behind?” Why? Well, because legacy matters.

We will share with you multi-generational legacy stories. These storieCancels will have one thing in common: people having transformational outcomes. These people may not have been well known in their time, or even aware that they were creating a legacy that would be talked about hundreds of years later. These folks simply lived principled lives, had some help along the way, gave help to others -- which became their legacy.

Notice our title: Legacy Matters. Not all things that matter come from matter. In other words, not all things that have significance can be explained by their physical properties. What does that mean? Well, abstracts, like faith, love, quantum physics, and legacy cannot be explained by the physical properties inherent to matter. These things are not concrete, tangible. However, there is matter, definite properties, if you will, in your legacy, whose combination can create a beautiful, lasting story; a transformational outcome. We want to help you draw those particles of “matter” together to create your principled legacy, to share with future generations. Tell your story.

What are the properties - the core beliefs - that matter to you and your loved ones? The dictionary defines legacy as “a thing handed down by a predecessor; a bequest, a birthright; heritage.” Your story, beliefs, traditions, and the outcomes of your life are significant. They matter, because this is your legacy. What will be the heritage you leave behind?

Come learn with us. Come create with us and have some fun. Enjoy the stories. Above all, begin to shape your own transformational outcome: your singular, unique, principled legacy.

That is why, Legacy Matters...


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Legacy Matters! A featurette on interesting individuals and brands, that have stood the test of time and will entice you to be intentional and purposeful about your own legacy.  Join us and create! Tell Your Story