FACE to Face

Creating lifelong and multigenerational clients

Creating lifelong and multigenerational customers may take what landed the customer in the first place—a face to face meeting with them in this new virtual world. Dynamics change when we go into a person’s personal space and meet them face to face for genuine, purposeful dialogue. 

Building professional intimacy is a powerful concept. This intimacy creates a genuine connection, which ignites greater productivity and deeper relationships, ultimately helping to grow your business, build a healthy more productive team and strengthen multi-generational relationships.

The concept of professional intimacy has transformed the worlds of psychology, physiology and sociology. Throughout this book, learn the power of building genuine intimacy that enables professionals to tap into the astounding potential of human creativity, intelligence and innovation both within their business and with clients, prospects and team members.

Readers will be inspired to get out of their office and meet face to face in a place that will recharge their clients’ outlook for their future and encourage deeper conversation leading to lifelong clients.  

Face to Face is about creating professional intimacy, and the outcome is to create communities that change lives.

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Face to Face Testimonials

“Tony’s great strength has always been understanding relationships and how to foster the type of connection that keeps clients not just happy, but satisfied. Indeed, Tony’s approach transcends the person to cultivate multigenerational clients by getting to know families, their culture, and what really makes them tick.

For Tony a lasting relationship is one that treats clients as human beings. Like many things in business, that is easier said than done because personal connections take real effort to develop and perhaps even more effort to maintain. Tony writes with modesty and from real-life experience about making those human connections and why relationships matter most. He explains how to create intimacy with clients, why happiness and personal growth is as important as money, and about what really matters—family, fun, and faith. This unique approach makes Tony stand out from the crowd as a coach to wealth advisers, and it is what makes this book worth reading.”

Scott Minerd

Global Chief Investment Officer

Guggenheim Partners